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There are thousands of websites where you can download the Play Store but you should go only to trusted sites to download Play Store or any other app for that matter because there many sites that have files of apps that are deliberately loaded with viruses that can harm your mobile devices just to fulfill the mischief of some hacker or his ingeniousness to steal sensitive information or data.

This is striking when statistics shows that as much as 50% of people who shop on the net use mobile devices and these users are open targets to these hackers if they do not know where the software on their mobile devices is coming from.

You can always check into Google Play Store to know the exact figures of this application.

The biggest disadvantage of opting for the application is less resolution and smaller screen size to view.

As mentioned earlier that Play Store is a type of Google app and just like other Google Android apps it has a file extension of apk.

It is your doorway to download other apps that may serve as a fulfillment of your educational and entertainment needs.

This certificate provides little or no protection because there are a number of ways to circumvent this security mechanism.

Most of the devices that hackers use and many Chinese clones of these devices do not have this protection by certificates but as said before there are ways around it to download Play Store and other apps on these devices.

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You can download and use most of them for free from Google Play Store.

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